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At A Star Driving School our Mission is Customer Success.  What we mean by that is providing all the necessary support to help achieve a 1st time pass!

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If you are looking for reliable and professional fully qualified Driving Instructors in the Blackheath area of South East London, then choose a driving school that is totally focused on Customer Success and where you will benefit from up to date teaching methods.

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You don’t have to take our word for it, just read our Customer Comments. Learning to drive should be an enjoyable and straight forward process following a structured course of lessons. It is vital that each driving lesson has a specific objective which is clearly understood. Far too many driving lessons consist of simply “driving around” with no real purpose. When mistakes are made then it is imperative that they are identified as well as the cause and suggested solution. This is not exactly rocket science, but many Driving Instructors fail to stick to these simple but effective guidelines. If there is no definitive objective for lessons then the number of lessons needed and duration as well as cost of the course will undoubtedly be greater! We pride ourselves on our Customer Reviews that we receive, praising our teaching methods and style. All Driving Instructors are certainly not the same and those that charge ridiculously low prices only do so to attract Customers they are certainly unable to through reputation and the quality of their teaching! We have come across countless examples of Customers coming to us from other Driving Schools where they have had huge numbers of “cheap” lessons, costing hundreds of £s in total but actually learned next to nothing! So if you or someone you know is having lessons that fit this description then contact us for a no obligation chat, so that maybe we can welcome another happy Customer to A Star Driving School!

By Tim Mountain A.D.I. A Star Driving School Proprietor

8 Steps to Achieving a 1st Time Pass

Regular Lessons

1. Try and commit to a regular weekly two hour lesson.  One hour lessons will give you poor value for money and if you can do your lessons at the same time and day every week this will help to ensure that what is being learned remains fresh in the memory.  If you think that two hour lessons may be too intensive, we are able to offer 1.5 hour lessons instead.




Regular Lessons


2. Be prepared for your lesson both physically and mentally.  If you are too tired or feeling under the weather you will find it difficult to maintain concentration and may end up getting little or nothing out of the lesson. Ask your Instructor to give you relevant materials to help you prepare for the lesson such as ipad diagrams, link to YouTube videos etc.






Recap and Agenda

3. Start with a recap of your previous lesson usually taking the form of  5-10 minute Q&A session to check how much you have retained and to establish your knowledge of the topic of the current lesson.  For example it would be a waste of time and cause difficulties to go straight into a Traffic Lights lesson without at least discussing the sequence of lights first and what the Law requires of you!  This is the “red & amber together” part of the lesson and as everyone (should) know the next colour is green!

 S M A R T

4. The Object of the Lesson is?  Having a definite objective is absolutely vital, just driving around aimlessly is a complete waste of your time and money.  It is important however that the stated Objective must be “S M A R T” (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely).  On the Traffic Lights Lesson for example the objective could be: “By the end of the lesson, I will have a good understanding of how to deal with Traffic Lights”



Structured Lessons

5. Structure! The importance of a structured course can not be over emphasised so that you can develop your skills and understanding at a rate and in an environment that is appropriate to your experience.  Being thrown in straight at the deep end will cause you to sink rather than swim!  You should start off in a quiet area where the Instructor which take you to and from until you are able to control the car properly and turn from one road to another safely, then you are ready to move onto the next Phase involving busier roads and you will also notice that your Instructor is now tending to “prompt” more and “instruct” less.  Once at test standard you should be fully independent in all aspects of your driving and therefore ready to accept the responsibility and relish the freedom of driving solo!






Summarise - Boxes Ticked?

6.  Summarise.  The Lesson should always end with a brief summary of what has been covered and affirmation that another box has been ticked towards the goal of full driving independence!  This will greatly assist confidence as well as retention of new knowledge and skills.


Self Assessment / Evaluation

7.  Self Evaluate.  It is important that you are able to fairly and honestly appraise your efforts.  Are you still making mistakes?  Many students fail simply because they may have covered the entire “syllabus” but have not recognised that they are not driving consistently well enough when they go to test.  This will then manifest itself in a shortfall of confidence on the day and many will blame the fact that they were “nervous” as the reason for not getting a full licence.  In reality it is the lack of consistency in their driving standard that causes the faults that result in a fail.


Listen to the Instructor!

8. Listen to Your Instructor’s Advice!  Your Instructor should be a fully qualified and experienced Professional.  They know what they are talking about, other people will have all sorts of crazy ill informed ideas about how to pass a driving test, but only your Instructor really knows what the test entails and whether you are genuinely ready!

However to think all driving instructors and driving schools are the same would be a massive mistake.  If you take the time to self assess after each lesson you will know if you are truly getting value for your money or whether you are literally “being taken for a ride”!